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{When the 'Gear clicks on, a vaguely familiar face to some comes slowly into view - and she does look alarmingly young for the usual age range of people pulled here, perhaps only six or seven years old.}

It's... on? Good. Um, hello, I suppose. I am Ise Nanao of the Eighth Division of the Gotei Thirteen, and I would very much appreciate it if someone could tell me how my powers have been sealed!

And also how to get home. It's very important that I am able to get home very soon. {She looks away from the camera for a moment, unsure of what to say next.}

....oh! Mr Harvey, the egg you sent me has hatched. {She bows.} Thank you.

{And then she reaches out to the 'Gear and turns it off. She can be found wandering around Cherrygrove's Pokemon Center, occasionally checking the 'Gear or peering out a window. Talk to her, yes/no/why?}
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Dec. 9th, 2012 10:06 am
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Name: Myki
Personal Journal: [personal profile] hashtag
AIM/MSN: [ profile] chezmyki
Timezone: GMT+10, Brisbane
Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Nanao Ise
Series: Bleach
Timeline: Immediately post-Turn Back The Pendulum arc
Canon Resource Links: Here!

Personality: I'm taking Nanao from just after the earliest chronological time shown in Bleach - the Turn Back the Pendulum mini-arc, which is roughly 100 years before the main storyline begins.

Nanao's early life was not pleasant. Following her traumatic death, she was reborn into the Rukongai (a sort of shanty town for souls without reishi), and her reishi began to grow by leaps and bounds. Difficult to control without proper training, it would build to dangerous levels, and release explosively as a regulation mechanism, often causing major collateral damage to anything that was around her. This resulted in her being shunned by most inhabitants of the Rukongai, and they forced her to the very outskirts of the inhabited areas, where wild and dangerous creatures live, in the hope that a Hollow - which is essentially a corrupted soul - would find her and eat her, thereby turning her into one of them.

This, as you can imagine, did not make for the happiest of childhoods, and left Nanao with a general lack of faith and trust in humanity as a whole. This, combined with her powers (and lack of control over them), precipitated the formation of her cool and withdrawn persona that we see in grown-up Nanao. However, even her control isn’t perfect, and occasionally bursts of emotion come through - and although they’re not always overly extreme, they can be... powerful, especially when combined with unstable reishi.

However, when we first meet her in-series, she’s shown to be a member of the Eighth Division, so that means at some point that she was not only found, but has gone through the Academy, a process that normally takes six years to complete, and appears to have a close relationship with the Vice-Captain, Lisa Yadomaru. It’s stated that one the first day of each month, she comes to Lisa, and they read books together. Extrapolating this, it would appear that Nanao has probably come to see Lisa as a surrogate mother figure, and thus, her ordered execution and subsequent escape at the end of the Turn Back The Pendulum arc would be heartbreaking for the young Shinigami, and it’s likely that she would have retreated back into her shell, so to speak.
Nanao has been through a great many trials in her second life as a soul, and unfortunately for her, most of them have had negative impacts on her worldview. At her current canon point, her trust and faith in the goodness of people has been shattered a second time; resulting in her becoming extremely withdrawn and nervous. A lot of things have changed very rapidly, and she feels like she's been left behind and abandoned by the upheaval.

This has caused her to turn to the one thing that she knows can't lie to her or abandon her: books. She begins to read extensively, and by the canon point I'm taking her from, she has a good working knowledge of most Britannic/European legends, myths, and folklore, in addition to the military tactics and fighting knowledge she has gained as a part of her Shinigami education. While not a prodigy on the scale of Gin or Hitsugaya, she is certainly very intelligent, and when motivated and willing, can put her mind to excellent use.

However, trying to gain her trust can be an exhausting and difficult process, as this is a child who has been traumatised badly - as one who takes comfort in schedules and order, she finds it hard to adapt to new situations and new people, which results in her anxiety going through the roof, and usually a loss of control over her reishi, which in turn makes people wary of her. It's a vicious cycle, and one that's not easily broken.

Getting her to actually look up at you when talking can be a difficult proposition - as can actually managing to start a conversation. She has roughly two decades of escaping from unwanted situations under her belt, and the academy training to do a bit of damage if cornered. One should not forget that she is essentially now a child soldier, and the creatures she is to fight are quite literally the most monstrous abstractions of humanity possible. The graduation exam from the academy that all potential Shingami (Soul Reaper is an accurate translation) must take is to go on a Hollow-hunting expedition. Even though they are fighting the most pathetic of these monsters, fatalities can still occur - and perhaps fatality does not accurately convey what happens when a Hollow, a corrupted and fallen human soul twisted into some horrific form, consumes a pure soul, or plus.

Now, some of the other members of that graduation group have probably never seen a Hollow before, or heard them. Not felt the foul presence of their reiatsu, nor seen what they can do a living creature. Those are the lucky ones, and Nanao is not one of those people. She has lived for twenty something years on the outskirts of a society who refused to accept her, at constant risk of starvation and Hollow attack. To say she is jaded might be putting it mildly, but at least she understands the risk that Hollows pose to them, and she makes every effort to stay away from the battlefield at every time.

+ She is really smart; both with booksmarts and street smarts - she wouldn't have survived for a good twentyish years on her own if she hadn't.
+ Physically tough; it hasn't been that long since she's been running around out in the wilderness, and as such she's actually more used to long days outside than the woman she will one day grow to be.

+/- Things are very much black and white to her; you're either an ally or an enemy to her.

- Suspicious nature; given that she's just lost her surrogate mother figure, she's highly suspicious of any blatant overtures of friendship, and is likely to shy away from them as a self-defence mechanism. After all, if you don't let anyone get close, then they can't hurt you.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer!
Starter: Spoink
Password: Scrambled Eggs

First Person Sample: {It's tough, being nearly forty years old and looking like you're seven. It's tough, and no one understands. Hence why Nanao has turned to the network for commiseration.} Has anyone else had trouble finding work? I asked at every shop and the Pokemon Center and they all turned me away. {A look of consternation crosses her face, and her mouth screws up.} Do I really look that young? I'm having trouble believing it, myself....

Third Person Sample: Ledges - to those who knew what they were, they were to be avoided at all costs; but to a young Shinigami who was new to the ~magical world of Pokemon~, they were merely obstacles to be climbed. Except that she couldn't climb the darn thing. Jogging back, she narrowed her eyes at the almost sheer face of rock and dirt, and launched herself at it once more.

This time, she managed to get three feet up it, before she lost her grip, and tumbled back down to earth. The landing knocked the wind out of her lungs, and so she lay there for a long moment, listening to the worried snuffles of the pig-like creature that wouldn't stop bouncing. She'd picked it up, way back in New Bark Town, but the creature had struggled free and kept bouncing. Which was fine by her, you know. She'd learnt that lesson with Lisa.

A sigh escaped her as she rolled up to her feet, and she glared through dirt-smudged glasses at the impudent miniature cliff. She'd climbed bigger, and she'd climbed steeper, so why was this one defeating her every effort? Her fingers flexed, and she wished desperately that her powers weren't gone - never mind that she wasn't great at flash step, it would have helped her to get over the top of this damned wall. The pig-thing oinked again, and she turned to it.

"Look, I know there's another path, but this is the most direct one!" She shuffled her foot against the grass morosely, and wished she knew what to do. Kyouraku-taichou would. Yadoumaru-fukutaichou would. But she didn't. The Spoink - and come on, what kind of a name was that? - boinged closer, peering up at her with a worried expression. She didn't need anyone's sympathy. Or comfort. She was a Shinigami of the Gotei Thirteen, for god's sake!

But if that was true... why was her throat so tight?


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